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Bookworm - Track What You Read

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Read so much that you can't remember every book?

Here's the perfect Notion template for you.

Bookworm is a comprehensive, easy-to-use book tracker to keep track of all the books, e-books & audiobooks you're currently reading, have read, and want to read next.

The heart of Bookworm is the Bookshelf, a database for all your books with details like status, progress, ratings, reading time, remaining pages, and more.

Connected to this Bookshelf are multiple databases for authors with their own details, genres, goals, and quotes or saved content from each book.


  • an easy navigation menu on each top-level page to access subpages and quick actions buttons
  • quick actions buttons to quickly add a new book, author, or quote
  • a dashboard with an all-in-one view of your books, progress, authors & genres
  • subpages for bookshelf, authors, genres, goals, and saved content with different views for favorites or history
  • a how-to section
  • and more

Track your books with ease!


How do I add this template to my Notion account?

Open the provided link and click on "Duplicate" in the browser. You might need to log in to your Notion account first.

Can I share this Notion template with others?

No, you're not allowed to share this template with another person unless they also bought it. Then you can share the entire template and even collaborate on it.

Other questions?

You'll find my contact information inside the Notion template.

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Bookworm - Track What You Read

2 ratings
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