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Write, Plan, Manage, Become Successful On Medium In 2022

You write on Then this Notion template is perfect for you.

It contains a template database for all your Medium stories, as well as various useful details. It sports multiple views like a content calendar, a task view, or a Trello-style drag-and-drop layout. If you're not using Notion, you can also download this template as a .csv file (attached below) and open it with every spreadsheet application like Excel, Google Sheets, or Apple Numbers.

If you're not a Medium member already, what are you waiting for?
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This template is free. Of course, I'd highly appreciate it if you donated a small amount for the work that went into it. You can pay whatever you want here on Gumroad (put in $0 or more below) or buy me a black coffee here. If you do so, thank you a million times.

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How to download for free?

Just put in a 0 in the text box called “Name a fair price”.

How to add the template to your Notion workspace?

Click on the template link, then select “Duplicate” in the top right corner.

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MEDIUM Content Planner for NOTION

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