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Sweet Resume

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Need a resume builder for your next application?

No worries. I've got you. Here's a simple, yet comprehensive resume builder that you can easily adapt to your needs.

Get it for free & rock the next job interview!

The Sweet Resume template includes:

  • contact & bio sections
  • sections for your professional experience & educational background
  • a database for skills & expertise
  • a database for side projects or personal projects
  • endless possibilities to customize & expand

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How to get this for free?

Simply add "0" to the "Name a fair price" input box.

Is Notion free?

Yes. You can use it for free. Notion offers paid plans, but those are optional for Write OS.

How do I add this template to my Notion account?

Open the provided link and click on "Duplicate" in the browser. You might need to log in to your Notion account first.

Can I share this Notion template with others?

No, you're not allowed to share this template with another person, unless this person bought it as well. Then you can share the entire template and even collaborate on it.

Other questions?

You'll find my contact information inside the Notion template.

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Sweet Resume

10 ratings
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