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Creators' Toolbox

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Creators' Toolbox

29 ratings

Creators' Toolbox (formerly Online Writing Resources)

Too many tools to remember? I know the feeling.

Here's a list of all the resources I've collected over the years.

They help me write online, on Medium, Substack, my blogs, Twitter & anywhere else.

This list includes email marketing tools, writing apps, browser extensions, social sites, platforms, email list services, image sources, tip jars, AI tools, specialty software & more.

Most of the listed resources are either entirely free or come with a free version, just a handful of them are paid only.

Bookmark this list for reference!

Get inspired!

Try new tools!

That's it.

How do you get it for free? Just put a 0 into the payment field and hit "I want this".

Although this is a free product, I'd highly appreciate it if you donated a small amount of $ for the work that went into it. I regularly update this list. You can support me here on Gumroad (just put any number of $ into the payment field) or buy me a black coffee here.

You get a Notion link after downloading. You can either view that link like any regular website and bookmark it or duplicate it into your workspace if you're a Notion user. If you haven't, you should try Notion. It's a great writing tool. I've created a comprehensive writing tool called Write OS for Notion. Check that out here!

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